Building a Dream One Drywall Panel at a Time

I’m excited to show you pictures of my new creative space! For a long time, I dreamed of having a space in my home where I could invite friends over to craft and sew. That dream is finally realized with my new craft studio! Here’s the big reveal…

This is my sewing area. I was able to reuse most of my craft and office furniture in the space including my Horn sewing cabinet I’ve had for over 10 years. The cabinet folds into a small cabinet on wheels I can put against the wall when I have crafty friends over. This will give me room for folding tables I can use as needed.

The only piece of furniture I’ve purchased so far are two giant IKEA Kallax shelves with 50 cubes of storage. The shelves have been a lifesaver, offering slim and open storage. For now, I’ve opted to keep my shelves open so that friends are encouraged to browse supplies, and hopefully pull some off the shelf and start creating! My next step is to organize my supplies as I just got things on the shelf and feel like you have to work in a space for a bit to really know where things belong.

Here’s a look at the other side of the room..

This space is mostly open right now, but will eventually have a comfy chair for TV watching and stitching. My husband surprised me with a 49″ HDMI TV on a rack that swivels so I can see it at different vantage points in the room. Can you say “movie craft nights?” I’m so excited!

And here’s a peek at the corner…

The folding table against the wall will be replaced with a kitchen island that I’ll use as a cutting table. The floor is a heated wood laminate floor, so I’ll be toasty warm when working here during our Colorado winters. I was also able to repurpose an Elfa desk and cart from my previous space and office. The white bookcase was a castoff from my daughter’s room when she painted and redid her room earlier this year.

The black cabinet is a lateral file cabinet from my old office upstairs. I used to have a small craft space in the retreat area of my bedroom and a separate small office, too. I was finally able to combine everything into this space and donated my other furniture that didn’t fit.

My craft studio is part of a larger basement renovation my husband and I have been working on over the past couple of years.  We are big DIY people who believe in sweat equity, so we did most of the work ourselves. My husband has some amazing DIY skills and did the drywall, electrical, plumbing all to spec with our city’s construction code. I put my trusty painting skills to work and also learned how to mud, tape, and sand drywall. I also helped my husband lay the wood laminate flooring and floor heat grid (that’s right – I’ll be toasty during Colorado winters in my new space).

Speaking of lighting, my husband did an outstanding job of designing and selecting lighting for my space! He installed 6 overhead lights and track lighting to highlight work areas. The lighting shows color almost true to exact shades and is so abundant that I had to repurpose or donate the lamps from my old space.

Here are some pictures of our work in progress.

We used foam panels glued to the cement walls with studs built in to jumpstart our project. We were able to get most of the panels glued and essentially frame the basement in a couple of weekends for about 2/3rds of the cost of traditional wood stud framing. This technique really helped us jumpstart the project. The room measures a generous 16’x20′ so it was a big job and the quick start was very helpful. We did do some traditional wood framing on the TV wall where there’s a small bathroom behind it.

This picture shows the dry wall and texturing we had to do. We did hire someone to level our basement floors as they had settled in areas over the 14 years we’ve been in our home.

For my wall color, I chose Charismatic Sky from Behr paint for the color. The color reminds me of a Colorado Larkspur Blue (a popular color locally in decor and Colorado merchandise). Deciding on wall color was a big decision for me. Those who know me well were betting that I would paint the room some kind of purple, one of my favorite colors, or a green, which I painted my last home office. But I couldn’t find a green or purple paint that I liked in the basement’s lighting. So I surprised everyone, including myself with the blue, and I’ve loved it ever since I started with the first few paint strokes!

Let’s remember where I crafted before. Here’s my old crafting space in our bedroom retreat…

The space pretty much looked this most of the time. I often had to shuffle supplies from one surface to another and it was very distracting and discouraging at times. My new craft studio is definitely an upgrade!

We’re still working on a few items to finish the space and will add blinds. But for now, my studio is open and I’m happily crafting and sewing away. My next step is to invite my local crafty friends over for some fun! I’ve got several craft parties in mind and can’t wait to share those with my friends and all of you!