“Good Enough” Christmas Project – Crochet Ornament Clips

This year I’m opting for another “Good Enough” Christmas. This means that I’m slowing down, savoring the season, opting for simple and meaningful instead of lots of flourish, shiny stuff, and activity. I do enjoy the holidays and all the trimmings that come with it.  But I’ve learned through the years that a simple, meaningful holiday works best for my family and me.

I used to put in 210% to make sure everyone in my family had a great holiday. Anyone who knows me well knows I don’t do things halfway and that was especially true when it came to Christmas. I obsessed over the meal, the perfect gifts to give, and baked up a storm making dozens and dozens of cookies for friends and family. I even hand-made a majority of the gifts I gave. I did a lot of this when my daughter was little, trying to create the perfect holiday for her. Then when New Years rolled around, I was exhausted. I had given and done so much that I was burned out. And I missed out on time with friends and family because of all of my plans and projects.

About 7 years ago, my obsessive holiday planning came to halt. That year I had put in extra effort on planning Christmas dinner and had hand-made most of my gifts. My efforts were met with mediocre enthusiasm from my family and I was exhausted from all I had done. I decided right then and there things needed to shift. The next year our Christmas looked very different. I delegated most of the meal out, having my husband grill steak and my brother’s family bringing several dishes to share. I pared down my holiday baking, only making things for that favorite teacher or neighbor who had gone out of their way to help us on a project. I bought more gift cards and made fewer things. And it was amazing! We all enjoyed Christmas so much more! And I gave myself a gift – time, peace, and the opportunity to really slow down and enjoy the season.

Ever since then, I check in with my family and myself before the holidays and we decide how we want to celebrate them. Some years I bake, cook, and craft more. Other years I scale back and keep it very simple. This year will be a simple year. Here’s my plan for this year’s “Good Enough” Christmas:

Simpler Decorations – I took a week to decorate our house and scaled back what decorations I put out. We ended up putting up our tree two weeks later than we usually do. But it’s okay. We gave ourselves a pass since this early December was very busy for all of us.

Less Holiday Cooking – We’ll enjoy Christmas dinner at my brother’s house, so there will be less holiday cooking at our house. I’ll also bake less this year making treats for just our family, including Christmas Toffee, which is a required holiday tradition (my father-in-law has already bought 4 pounds of butter!).

Use Resources Wisely – I’m using more of what we have. We already have a lot of gift wrap supplies on hand and I have tons of craft supplies to use. I’ll be making some fun gift-wrapping embellishments from my craft stash, as I’m inspired.

Focus on Time with Family and Friends – I will bake with my teenage daughter who is a budding cook who enjoys making family favorites.I’ll spend more time in front of the Christmas tree and the fireplace sipping my favorite chai tea, reading and just enjoying being home with my family. It’s a simple holiday, but it will be a lovely one.

Crafting When Inspired – I’m also crafting some fun last minute holiday embellishments and projects, as I’m inspired. Today’s project was these fun crochet ornament clips. I was able to create them from yarn I had on hand and stitch them up quickly. They’ve been a lot of fun to make and the joy from creating them is a big gift for me. I can’t wait to share them with family and friends on their cards and gifts! Hope you enjoy!

To help you celebrate the holidays, I have a gift for you. I’m sharing my pattern for the crochet ornament clips and you are welcome to download it here for free. I hope you and your family are able to celebrate the holidays in meaningful, simple ways that matter most to you! Wishing and yours a Merry “Good Enough” Christmas!