Addicting DIY Crochet Flowers

Today, I’m coming clean about one of my biggest crochet addictions – crocheted flowers! The truth is that once I get started stitching these cuties, I can’t stop. It’s been a long-term addiction, one I’ve learned to live with. For several years I had a handmade business where I crocheted doll clothes and accessories for kids and adults. I think I stitched for over 10 years, almost non-stop. One of the biggest by-products of this activity was bunches and bunches of small yarn bits left over from each project. I had so many at one time, I could fill two 40 quart plastic storage boxes!

As these little yarn balls started piling up, I started to make little crocheted flowers for fun. They were the perfect portable project – just put a few yarn balls in a small bag with a hook and start stitching when you are waiting for a restaurant table, the train, your kid to come out of school, etc. But soon these cute flowers started piling up and I had to figure out what to do with them. I’ve used them in so many ways. Here are a few of my favorites!

  • DIY headbands and Barrettes – Hot glue flowers onto headbands, alligator hair clips or any other hair accessory you think would would be fun!
  • Embellished Cards – I love to glue a flower or two onto a homemade card to give it a little extra something!
  • Upcycled Gift Boxes  – I save plain kraft paper wine bags, gift bags, and the sturdy boxes that the Target Beauty Boxes come in and give them a second life by hot gluing these flowers on tops to use  for gift giving. I love being able to repurpose something and make it beautiful!
  • Flower Clips  – I like to hot glue a crochet to a mini clothes pin for a fun embellishment for gift wrap, banners, buntings and more!

There are a bazillion ways you can use these fun flowers! Let me know how you end up using them and please share your good ideas below in the comments. I hope you enjoy creating your own cute flowers!

To create your own flowers, download our free pattern here.