Gather: A New Mission

I’m on a mission this year to gather as many people as possible through creative events. Meeting others and making things together is one of my favorite things. It recharges my batteries. It helps me connect better to others. It evens the playing field. There’s no politics, drama and often the only difference in opinion is if you should add more glitter or not (people are often very conflicted about glitter). 

To support my mission, I’ve decided my one little word for 2019 is “gather.” To me, this wonderful word encompasses it all. There are so many reasons why I want to host “craft gatherings.” I want to have fun and help others connect in a positive way while exploring their creativity. I want to give people a fun reason to get together – we seem to do less and less of that these days. I believe getting together and enjoying each other’s company is needed now more than ever. We need more positive ways to connect us as there are so many things trying to divide us now. 

To accomplish my mission, I will invite my friends to come create with me and host gatherings in my area. I will also help you plan gathering for you and your crafty friends. I’ll share the fun ideas my friends and I are trying and tips and tricks I learned as an event planner.

I also want to hear from you about the things you are interested in. What events to you want to host? What do you want to make and learn? What types of crafting events do you want to attend? Feel free to share your comments below or join our Facebook Group (LINK) at and share your thoughts there.

Thank you for sharing your interests! This will help me tailor information shared here to support you in hosting your own craft events and gatherings. I look forward to sharing this fun, creative journey with you and sitting, chatting, and crafting for a while.

Interested in making your own “Gather” Quilted Wall-Hanging? Check out our free pattern here!

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