Make Memories with a Craft Party!

Have you ever thought about hosting a craft party, but are not sure where to start? Have you felt that “overwhelmed” feeling when starting to plan? If so, I totally get that. That’s how I felt when I first started hosting my craft parties. Here’s how I got started and how I learned to feel more comfortable working through all of the logistics of hosting a craft party.

I was first inspired by a friend’s craft party to get started hosting my own. I went to one of my first “official” craft parties a couple of years ago. A good friend was hosting a paper crafting night at a local brewery and invited me along. I hadn’t really done any social crafting like this since the marathon scrapbooking crops I enjoyed many years ago. My friend’s party invite was a gift! I loved making something fun, meeting others and chatting, and enjoying good food and beer. I tried some new card making techniques and I loved that the whole event felt like a party instead of a regular craft class. 

After attending my friend’s party, I looked for other experiences and parties like that in my area. Unfortunately, I didn’t find much in my city to attend, so I started thinking about how to put together my own craft parties. At first, I was overwhelmed by all the details. Fortunately, I have previous experience as a craft instructor and event planner, but there were still things I had to figure out. If I wanted to create a memorable event for my guests, I had to think creatively and outside the regular craft workshop formula.  What made a craft party different than a craft class?  

Craft parties are “experiences.”

My friend’s craft party was fun! The brewery had a great atmosphere and good food and drinks. The space was set up for us to craft and mingle. My friend also hosted drawings where we won some cool craft supplies and projects to try at home. 

Craft parties are not just about a project. 

The parties are about people. Sure, we make a fun project, but really most people are there to socialize, enjoy the venue, and have fun making the project. Keeping this in mind when planning party logistics will ensure that your guests have a good time. 

Attendees are “guests.”

When I taught craft classes, I would refer to participants as students. But as I began to host craft parties, I began to refer to them as guests. This felt so much more personal, in line with the experience I was trying to create and reminded me that hospitality was a big part of hosting a craft party. 

Party projects are geared to crafters of all levels. 

You’ll likely have crafters of all skill levels at a party. Party projects need to be something beginning crafters can make and experienced one will enjoy. It can be tricky to find a project that fits all needs. Here’s the 3 things I look for in a good craft party project: 

  • Simple enough for everyone to make, but novel enough people will enjoy making it.Look for simple projects that are inspired by current craft trends. Cruise your local craft store aisle to see what new products and projects are available. Often these projects are simple enough for new crafters, but also projects experienced crafters would like to try. 
  • The project can be made within the party’s timeframe. You’ll want to give guests plenty of time to complete their project. Keep in mind that guests usually have a wide variety of craft skills, so you’ll want to plan extra time to allow everyone to finish as well as socialize. I usually look for a project that can be done in less than an hour. 
  • Supplies and set-up are reasonable for your craft party venue.A good project takes a reasonable amount of supplies and set-up. Be careful to not select projects that require too many supplies as this will increase the amount of time needed to set-up and space needed for the party. 

Location, location, location. 

Your craft party’s location can easily set the party apart from a craft class. Parties are hosted in fun venues such as favorite restaurants, breweries, city attractions or in your own wonderful home verses a classroom.  The venue helps elevate guests’ experiences at a craft party and play into the party’s theme and chosen project.

Craft parties have flourish. 

There’s more to a craft party to engage people. The venue, food and drink, theme can help create an experience at a craft party. Add simple decorations and party favors and you have a craft party to remember! 

Taking time to plan a craft party lets people know you care. 

I won’t lie. Craft parties are a lot of work. But they are a worthwhile pursuit. To me, good things happen when you get people together to create. If you can make that a memorable experience and create a party where guests feel special, that’s a big gift to your guests and to you as well! 

I hope all these ideas will inspire you to host your own craft party. I’ve also included a couple of other resources below. Please keep me posted on what fun parties you are hosting and how I can help. I’m happy to visit and help you create a great experience!

Free Craft Party Planning Guide! 

I hope these ideas will help inspire you to host a craft party. I have a gift to help you get started. Check out the free Craft Party Planning Guide here. The guide share some of my favorite party planning tips and includes a worksheet to help you work through party logistics. Let me know, too, how your party planning efforts go. I’d love to know what you enjoyed and what challenges I can help you with!