Quick and Easy Burlap Fall Garland

A Dollar Tree store was recently opened in our neighborhood – yay! And they built it across from our neighborhood Starbucks. Can you say “bonus?” I love getting craft supplies at dollar stores and my local store has not disappointed me yet. Earlier this fall, I found these fun burlap leaves. I did what any serious crafter would do. I bought a bunch!

The burlap leaves will come in handy for Thanksgiving. I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year for my family and inviting my brother, sister-in-law, adult nieces and nephew. We’re lucky we all live within an hour of each other and can get together for the holidays. For last-minute Thanksgiving decor, I made this easy and fun burlap leaf garland. It took me less than 20 minutes to make and I was able to use rope and ribbon I had on hand to embellish it. Here’s how I made it:

Fall Burlap Leaf Garland

Supplies Needed
  • Burlap leaves.
  • Thin sisal rope.
  • Ribbon Scraps (I had some nice fall ribbons on hand).
  • Yarn Needle or large eye needle the sisal can fit through.


  • Remove the wire centers of the leaves, if you bought the ones from Dollar Tree. You can also use any leaves you’d like or leave the wire centers on the leaves. I preferred having the wires off so the leaves looked a bit neater.
  • Thread the yarn needle with sisal rope and stitch through the leaf stem or bottom of the leaf. I made one large stitch with the rope on each leaf. Make sure to leave about 12” of rope at the beginning and end of the garland so you can hang it up.
  • Cut 5”pieces of ribbon and tie into the rope throughout the garland. You are welcome to use your judgement and decide if you want to use a lot of ribbon, sparingly use ribbon or don’t use ribbon at all.

And that’s it – a simple, lovely fall leaf garland that’s inexpensive and takes very little time!

I noticed my Dollar Tree store sold out of the burlap leaves quickly. Here are some alternative ways to make the garland if you can’t find the burlap leaves:

  • Check Oriental Trading as they had burlap leave in stock this fall. Their leaves vary in size, but would make a lovely garland. They offer 50 leaves for around $6 and you can find them here.
  • I’ve created a leaf pattern you can use cut your own burlap leaves you can download here. You can use different colors of burlap or paint the leaves if desired. Just remember to put something underneath the burlap when you paint (learned from personal experience). Also, laminated burlap, the kind that has a plastic back and is used for landscaping, is great to paint on. Regular burlap is fine, too, but the colors will be more muted and the fabric will likely drape more than the stiffer landscaping burlap.

I hope that these tips help you create this fun and easy fall garland! And I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving!

P.S. Please note that I have no affiliation with Dollar Tree or Oriental Trading – just darn good stuff I found to use for this project!