Hot Cocoa Mini Quilts

Oh, Target Dollar Spot, how I can’t resist you! Can anybody else relate? I live 3 blocks from a Target, so I’m there a lot. And I usually cruise the dollar aisle to see what treasures I can find. Usually, I can find some great seasonal craft supplies. 

A few weeks ago I scored these cute hot chocolate themed tea towels. I loved the design of the recipes and thought they were too cute to use as tea towels. So I opted to make some mini quilts from them to decorate my kitchen. I’ll use the tan and black mini quilt for now during these final cold winter months and then use the peppermint hot cocoa quilt during the holidays later this year. 

These quilts were easy to make thanks to using a pre-printed tea towel that really jumpstarted this project quickly! To create your own mini quilt, you can download our free pattern here.

Here’s the Peppermint Cocoa Quilt.
I think it will be perfect to hang on the wall behind our seasonal hot cocoa bar!