Ice Dyeing Fabric

This fabric dyeing technique is easier and creates more vivid projects than traditional tie dyeing techniques. You’ll use powdered dyes and ice to create these lovely fabrics. This technique can also be used with snow instead of ice for slightly differently, but equally beautiful results!

Skill Level: Basic Crafting Skills

Supplies Needed:

Here’s a list of basic supplies needed. The party plan goes into more detail about what specific supplies are helpful and where to source them.

  • Garment or accessory made with plant based natural fibers (cotton, rayon, hemp, linen or other plant based fibers). 
  • disposable gloves
  • dust mask
  • soda ash 
  • container for soda ash mixture
  • Dharma Trading Company’s powdered Fabric Reaction Procion Dyes in a range of colors.
  • Disposable plastic spoons for the dye.
  • Optional – aprons for everyone to wear or encourage guests to bring an apron or wear old clothes.
  • Plastic table coverings and plastic tarps or drop cloths for the dyeing work tables, and drying area.
  • A cooling rack or metal grate.
  • A plastic bin for each person. We like using plastic dishpans you can find at your local store or half-gallon plastic storage boxes.
  • Gallon Ziplock bags for guests to take their wet projects home.
  • Ice – plan on 10 gallons for every 6 people so there’s plenty of ice for everyone.

Want to make this fun project? Check out our project directions here – Ice Dyeing Fabric Directions