Craft Your Way to a Memorable Holiday Gathering

It’s hard to believe the holidays are here! This year has really flown. I’m finalizing my holiday plans and that includes some crafting time with friends and family. I come from a crafty family, so it’s a given we’ll make something at our holiday gatherings. Some years we’ve made ornaments. Other years we’ve hosted a baking day where we work together to knock out our holiday baking while binge watching Christmas movies. This year we’re traveling to the mountains for part of the holidays, so I’ll be packing up extra craft projects to share with everyone. Crafting with friends and family has become one of my favorite traditions!

Craft projects can be great, easy additions to your holiday celebrations Guests will have fun creating something they make themselves and can take home as a memento of the time spent together. Even the most “grinchy” guests seem to have fun for a few minutes making something. Here’s a few tips and tricks I’ve learned through the years to help craft activities at holiday events go smoothly. 

Pick projects that works best for your guests. Give some thought to who you’ve invited and what they may enjoy making. Are your guests mostly adults or are kids invited, too? Are your guests crafty or do they not really do a lot of crafting? Keep these things in mind as you select a project. If your family and friends are crafty like mine, you can likely do a more detailed project such as sign painting, sewing holiday pajamas, or stitching up festive party favors. You may even want to specifically host a holiday craft party with creating as the main theme. 

If your guests are not so crafty, make the project a part of your overall party plan, not the main reason people are coming to the party. Select easier projects that work up quickly such as simple ornaments your guests can personalize, no sew holiday buntings, gift tags, or DIY holiday cards. This way your guests can visit the craft project table when they want and still enjoy the rest of the party. 

Stick to one project for the party. I find it easier to manage supplies and help guests create if we are all focused on one simple project. At one of my first craft parties, I offered guests 4 different projects to work on in a 3-hour window. This was too much. Most guests only completed 1-2 things. All the guests had different craft skill levels. Some guests lost interest after a while. Others enjoyed crafting the entire time. I quickly learned that it was much simpler and more enjoyable for us all to focus on one good project. A good project can be hard to find. To help, I’ve collected some of my favorite holiday craft party projects and ideas for adults and older teens on my Pinterest board here.

Consider having a kid friendly project, too. A craft activity is a great way to keep young guests busy and happy at a holiday gathering. Most kids love to craft.  Simple ornaments are a great project for kids, especially if you can capture their picture, art, or even handprints. The kids are usually happy, and parents love the reminder of the season. I have kept many ornaments my teenage daughter made when she was younger that we still add to our tree. A favorite is a one-eyed clothes pin reindeer we still hang on our tree even though my daughter is in high school now.

Holiday paper crafts such as making paper wreaths or card making are also great for kids who love to color and glue things. Craft foam ornaments are also great. You can often find kids holiday craft kits at your local craft store complete with these supplies and instructions to complete a fun project. This makes it super easy to set up a kid’s craft project at your party. For some of my favorite ideas for kids holiday crafts, check out my Pinterest Board here.

Crafts are a fun way to make your holiday party even more memorable!

Make sure the project works in your party space. Think about where you are hosting your party and where you will have space to work on your craft project. A dining room table or large folding tables work well. You’ll want to have enough space where people can stand or sit around the table to work and still move around the room. I like to cover the table with a plastic tablecloth for kids and a washable tablecloth I don’t mind people crafting on for adults. I also group supplies in baskets or tins in the middle of the table for easy access. Finished project samples are displayed for reference, too. I usually set up my craft project tables like a buffet table where people can pop over and make something when they’d like. 

Beware of holiday glitter! I find that people are often divided when it comes to glitter. They either love it or they don’t. It’s okay to be on either side of the glitter fence. If you use glitter, make sure it’s fine to use it in your party space and you are okay with the clean-up. If not, consider getting that holiday shine with shiny ribbons, metallic pens, and other shimmering craft supplies that don’t leave a ton of glitter behind.  

Set a craft project budget. Setting a budget for a holiday craft party project is very helpful, especially with all the extra expenses during this time of the year. I base my budget on the supplies needed to complete the project and how many supplies I’ll need for guests. Often the party project budget is a line item in my larger party budget. I also give myself a bit of wiggle room, usually figuring in about 20% in cost for craft supplies to have room if something comes up last minute and I need to make a run to the craft store.

To maximize your budget, check out craft store sales, dollar stores, and thrift stores for supplies. Comparison shop online for supplies. I often find really good deals on Amazon or special offers for online shopping and store pick-up for the large craft retailers in my area. You can also check out these stores’ apps and get on their email lists to have coupons and sale notices sent directly to your inbox. I find writing out my budget and shopping list are helpful ways to keep me on track and on budget. To help you craft your party budget, you can check out the budget worksheet in the free Craft Party Planning Guide here

Keep crafting space separate from the food and drink serving areas. I like to create separate “stations” for food and drinks and craft activities, so guests don’t accidently spill drinks on their craft projects or get craft supplies in the food. Usually, it’s not an issue and I’m okay if guests enjoy their drinks, etc. while crafting. But I like to be safe rather than sorry if something is spilled and ruins a guest’s project. To help keep things organized and the party flowing, I find separate stations work best. 

Package up guests’ creations in a cute take-home bag or container. It’s a festive time of year, so I like to pack guests’ creations in a gift bag or box. Often, I’ll use festive paper gift bags with a special tag thanking guests for coming and a ribbon to tie it shut. I’ve also used cellophane gift bags tied with ribbon. Gift boxes are another option, too. This helps protect their project while taking it home and add a bit of flourish to thank guests for coming to the party. 

I hope these craft party tips will help you host a fun project at your holiday gathering! Offering a craft will add an extra fun element to your party and make it memorable for you and your guests. Let me know how it goes. I’d love to hear about how your holiday parties went and what fun projects your guests made. Feel free to reach out here at our contact form to share. Happy Holidays!

Planning a craft party? Get my free Craft Party Planning Guide here!