Quilty Heart Clips

Last week I whipped up a batch of these adorable Quilty Heart Clips! I wanted some cute embellishment for the cards and Valentine’s gifts I’ll share with friends and family this week. I based the design on the crochet motif clips I make, but wanted something with fabric and quilting this time. So I raided my scrap fabric and had fun making these cute clips!

The project was easy, taking less than an hour to make a few clips. I also fired up my Cricut Maker to help make these and learned some really fun things:

You can cut quilted fabric with the Cricut Maker. The machine has a heavy fabric setting, which I used as well as the maximum pressure cut setting. The Maker cut the quilted hearts pretty well. There were just a few spots I had to touch up with scissors. I did learn the hard way you want to trim all the threads from your quilting so they don’t stick to your pink Cricut fabric cutting mat. A sharp rotary blade will also help (mine is a little dull from lots of use).

Iron-on glitter vinyl adds fun lettering to the hearts. I experiments with some glitter iron-on vinyl, cutting it with a knife blade on a blue cutting mat on my Maker. I purchased the font “Almost Dunn” by BirchTreeSVG on Etsy and uploaded it to my machine to get the text look I wanted. One key thing I learned while doing this is that I had to ungroup the text SVG file, delete each letter I didn’t want to use and then line up the letters I wanted to use to spell, “love.” It didn’t take long, but it is an extra step. I also remembered to mirror the letters before cutting so the letters ended up on the sparkly, right side of the fabric when ironed on.

My preferred method of finishing these hearts is just straight stitching around the edges. After trying a zig zag stitch and using pinking shears to cut the edges, I found that I liked simple straight stitching on the edges. On some hearts I didn’t finish the edges at all. I love the scrappy look of these hearts! They won’t get heavy use so I’m not worried about the edges raveling too much. If you do have an edge that ravels a lot you could use some Fray Check around the edges.

Adding clips to your favorite motif projects gives you a fun embellishment. You’ve probably noticed I’m a bit addicted to small holiday and gift clips. I love making them and sharing them with others! By adding a simple mini clothes pin to the back of these quilted hearts, you’ve got a unique embellishment you can use on gifts, cards, and more. Also, skip adding the clothes pin and add a pinback instead for a great accessory you can wear. Or glue the hearts to hair clips for a fun hair accessory. The ideas are limitless!

Quilting the heart fabric with just simple straight stitches can add great texture!

Quilting makes projects better! This is not really anything new. But this project reminded me how quilting can elevate a simple project by providing rich, wonderful texture. This also feeds my need to quilt a lot. Small projects are a great way to practice stitches and use fabric and batting scraps you have on hand.

I hope you are inspired to make these cute Quilty Heart Clips!

Download the pattern here – Quilty Heart Clips.

Download the SVG cut file here – Quilty Heart Clips SVG Cut File

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