What is a Crafty Girl Adventure?

Pack your bags and your best craft supplies for fun, creative adventures!  Our “adventures” as we call our events are like craft classes, but offer a more robust, creative experience. Adventures will feature great venues in the Rocky Mountain region as well as great shops and designers. You can think of them as craft classes with a big surprise each time. Each adventure is unique and will rarely be repeated as it’s hard to recreate special experiences! These adventures will range from a fun night out with friends to special day workshops to weekend retreats. Each adventure will have a theme, a special project or two, be hosted at a fun venue, and fun supplies to try. Our adventures will have a variety of themes including crafts, gardening, cooking, quilting, sewing, and more. We’re lucky to be based in Denver, where there are many great creative opportunities for our adventures as well as the Rocky Mountain region!

My Story

Crafty Girl Adventures was started by me, Lori Thompson, as a solution to the craft classes and experiences I wanted to have, but could not find. I love all kinds of crafts including sewing, quilting, knitting, crochet, and more! I’ve taken many craft classes through the years and taught a few, too. I’ve enjoyed those, but have been looking for more robust creative experiences that fit within my time and budget. I don’t always have time to go away for a retreat, but still want to enjoy unique creative experiences with friends whether it’s for an evening or the weekend. 

I’m excited to plan adventures that I hope you will want to join and have fun, too! If you notice, I use the word “we” a lot and that’s intentional. It’s my goal to build a fun, creative tribe with old and new friends where we can explore this great city and enjoy fun projects! 

A little more about me…

I’ve been organizing events and craft classes since I was in high school. I was that person in my group of friends who always said, “Let’s try this…or go here…or make this fun project!” A lifelong creative, I’ve tried almost every craft with textile crafts (sewing, needle arts, quilting) being my favorites.

I’m married to the most loving, understanding man who carries the bolts of fabric for me when we’re at the fabric store and who is building me a fabulous studio in our basement. I’m also a mom to a very creative teenage daughter, who is an amazing budding artist who can paint and draw beautifully. When I’m not making something, I enjoy traveling, reading, and spending time with friends and family exploring new restaurants and venues. Football is my favorite sport and I’m a big Denver Broncos and K-State Wildcats fan (my alma matter).


Next Steps…

Check back soon! We’ll have our 2018 adventure schedule up and you can sign up for more information soon!