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Grab a cup and sit and stitch awhile!

Welcome to Crafty Girl Stitches, my page dedicated to all things crochet, knit, and yarn! Here you’ll find project ideas, tips, tricks, and more. One of my favorite things to do is to crochet or knit and connect with others who love the same. I’m looking forward to connecting and stitching together!

Project Ideas

Here are some of my favorite free projects! Feel free to download your favorites.

Crochet & Knitting Resources

Here are some crochet and knitting resources to help you connect to other stitchers. There’s resources for beginning crocheters and knitters, too.

Host a Stitching Party!

Stitching parties are one of my favorite crafting events. I love to visit with others while stitching away on a favorite project. The stitching nights I’ve been a part of have been a lot of fun! You never know what someone is going to say with yarn in their hand. We’ve had some pretty interesting conversations!

Stitching parties are also some of the easiest virtual events to host. Right now as we stay at home and practice social distancing, consider hosting a stitching night online with your friends!

If you are interested in hosting your own event, I’ve got a couple of free party plans to help you out. Here’s what it includes.

  • Theme Ideas – Our favorite Hook and Sip Party ideas including a newbie crocheter night, fun event party favors for guests to take home, stitching for a cause, a hen’s party for a bride-to-be and as well as how to plan a simple, enjoyable party at home.
  • Venue Ideas – We share our favorite venues and tips and tricks on how to work with a venue outside your home.
  • Logistics – How to set-up for our party, what supplies you’ll need. tips on how long and where to host your party.
  • Tips and Tricks – Save time using our plan and learn our best tips for hosting a stitching party!

You can download these free party plans here:

Hook & Sip Crochet Party Plan

Download the Hook & Sip Party Plan here.

Download the Knit, Purl & Sip Party Plan here.

New to crochet or knitting? Here are some resources if you are just getting started.

Download the Basic Crochet Scarf Pattern here.

Download the Crochet Tip Sheet here.

Download the Basic Knitted Scarf Pattern here.

Download the Knitting Tip Sheet here.

I hope you enjoy these patterns and resources! Questions? Contact us here and I’ll be happy to visit more!

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