Knit, Purl & Sip Party

One of our favorite parties to host is Knit, Purl & Sip! This party is super easy to plan and can be done almost anywhere. All you have to do is gather friends, knit and enjoy a good beverage and your crafty friends! Here are some tips and tricks to help you plan a great party!

This party works for beginners and experienced knitters alike. For experienced knitters, you can

Yarn + crafty friends + a favorite drink = a Knit, Purl & Sip Party!

Party Plans

Knit, Purl & Sip Party Plan

We’ve collected our ideas and best tips and created a party plan you can follow to host your own Knit, Purl & Sip party. You can download our party plan here.

Project Ideas

Here are some of our favorite projects for a Hook and Sip party you can share! Some projects are small and simple enough to be completed at the party. For larger projects consider introducing the pattern or hosting a KAL (knit-a-long).

If you are teaching beginning knitters, we have some basic knitting tips and a fun, easy knit scarf pattern, perfect for beginners you can find here.

What’s in the Knit, Purl & Sip Party Plan?

We’ve done all the hard work for you! See how we plan our Hook and Sip parties and how you can plan your own. Here’s what we’ll share:

  • Theme Ideas – Our favorite Knit, Purl & Sip Party ideas including a newbie knitter night, fun event party favors for guests to take home, stitching for a cause, a hen’s party for a bride-to-be and as well as how to plan a simple, enjoyable party at home.
  • Venue Ideas – We share our favorite venues and tips and tricks on how to work with a venue outside your home.
  • Logistics – How to set-up for our party, what supplies you’ll need. tips on how long and where to host your party.
  • Tips and Tricks – Save time using our plan and learn our best tips for hosting a stitching party!

We hope you enjoy hosting a Knit, Purl & Sip party! We’d love to know how it goes. Reach out using our contact form here to tell us about your party!